DM52xHD : OpenPLi 7.3Star 20201206 GSt (v6)
openpli-enigma2-7.3star-dm520_Japhar_v6_GStreamer_1.17.0.1_20201206.rootfs .tar.xz

- OpenPLi 7.3Star by Japhar Team, December 6th 2020
- Python 2.7.13
- GStreamer
- EPGImport Built-in
- AC3+/DDP/EAC3 support
- Feeds online (For Wifi/DVB-T Dongles)
- DVB-T USB, Trial Tuner, from JAM (Hauppauge, A867, etc)
- Wifi Realtek, Ralink, Mediatek Supported
- IPTV Support with Built-in
1300 Free To Air FREE IPTV Channels from their broadcaster
100+ VoD Free To Air Public Domain Movies and more coming soon (Charlot, Keaton, etc)
- JAM 5.3 built-in (Plugins/Addons)
- Japhar Sim Required
- Support by Japhar Team

MEGA Japhar DM52xHD :
Info : You can also do online update thru the feeds without the need to reinstall the image.